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Vision Zero Cities: International Journal of Traffic Safety Innovation

Submit to the Vision Zero Cities Journal

Submissions are now open for the 2021 issue of the Vision Zero Cities Journal!

Anyone is welcome to submit a Vision Zero Cities Journal article proposal, regardless of affiliation. Articles are approved on the basis of proposals. Please do not send finished articles. Read all guidelines below before submitting.

The Vision Zero Cities Journal seeks to publish insightful and forward-thinking articles about advances in alternative transportation, traffic safety, and Vision Zero. We like big ideas and fresh takes on the most pressing issues in the transportation community. We are particularly interested in conversations about race, economics, and equity in the field; real-world stories of political victory; innovative engineering; and street design that subverts the dominant paradigm.

To express interest in writing for the Vision Zero Cities Journal, send a 250-word proposal describing your thesis and evidence, as well as your qualifications. Note: academic affiliations are not a requirement to publish in the Vision Zero Cities Journal. Qualifications come in many forms; just tell us about yourself.

The upcoming issue of the Vision Zero Cities Journal will be published in October 2021. All proposals should be submitted no later than July 1, 2021. Send proposals or any questions you may have to editor@transalt.org.

You can read past issues of the Vision Zero Cities Journal here.

Editorial inquiries should be directed to editor@transalt.org. To advertise or subscribe, contact info@transalt.org.